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Conveyor Systems by Keymas

Conveyor systems are part of making the warehouse more efficient. Keymas control and automation are a company that design and implement conveyor systems for the UK’s leading and growing companies.

Order fulfilment has become a growth area for the UK and making sure that each part of the operation is as efficient as possible is important in the overall company strategy.

What do Keymas offer?

Keymas look at each warehouse order picking and product movement individually to find out where places that automation can bring more throughput for little if any more overhead. Bringing industry leading experience and knowledge to each project, Keymas asks ‘What needs to be achieved’ and then puts a plan together to implement the strategy.

Types of conveyor

For conveyor systems there are many kinds including roller conveyor, box/tote conveyor, pallet conveyor, incline/decline conveyor, spirals and many other options. Using the correct equipment for the job is a key part as is bringing together the elements so that the system works together. This is where Keymas fit’s into the market bringing options and experience to each company project.

For more information visit Keymas conveyor systems.

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