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K-Store Warehouse Management System

K-Store is specifically designed to meet the needs of the warehouse through the goods in, product put away, stock control, picking and despatch processes, to effectively manage your warehouse. K-store brings the simplest most effective warehouse management system to your warehouse.

The warehouse software is designed to be used in warehouses and distribution depots to improve the performance and efficiently of warehouses.

Using K-Store:

Improve’s pick rates and picker performance. Eliminates time wastage and cuts excess inventory. Accurate put-away and location of inventory. Improves labour performance. Improves performance in pick, put-away, stock control and despatch.

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K-Store offer a modular system that can be used from warehouse picking to full management with full reporting of each action taken for business analysis. With the reporting it is possible to see who picked what when, also what products are moving and which area’s of the warehouse are being used the most.

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